Pengaruh senam aerobik low impact terhadap peningkatan kualitas hidup perempuan menopause

Nurlina Ina, Ova Emilia, Herlin Fitriani Kurniawati


Abstract: Various efforts can be made to overcome the symptoms
and complaints that occur in menopausal women, one of them
with aerobic low impact exercise. The aim of research to determine
the effect of aerobiclow impact exercise to improvement the quality
of life of menopausal women. This type of research quasy
experiment with non-equivalent pretest and posttest control group
design. The sampling technique used purposive sampling method
with a sample size of 56 respondents. The analysis used is the
independent t test and paired sample t test with significance level
of 95%. The results of research shows that there is an increased
quality of life scores menopausal women who do aerobic low impact
exercise than those who do not do aerobic low impact exercise,
with p value< 0.05.


quality of life; menopause; aerobic low impact exercise

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