To researchers, practitioners, and academics,

We are pleased to announce that the Women, Family, and Disasters journal is now accepting article submissions. While there are currently no available issues, we welcome articles from various disciplines that are relevant to the topics of women, families, and disasters.

The Women, Family, and Disasters journal aims to provide a platform for authors to share knowledge, research findings, and thoughts related to issues concerning women, families, and the impact of disasters. We encourage the submission of articles that cover, but are not limited to, the role of women in disaster mitigation and response, women and children's health in the context of disasters, the influence of disasters on families, psychosocial aspects of disaster coping, post-disaster recovery, public policies related to disasters and families, and efforts to empower women and families in facing disasters.

We invite you to submit high-quality articles using various research methods and approaches. Each article will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure quality and reliability.

Please note that although there are currently no archived issues, we are excited to receive contributions of your articles and are committed to publishing them openly and free of charge for readers.

For more information on article submission guidelines and the review process, please visit the Women, Family, and Disasters journal website.

Thank you for your participation and contributions in advancing knowledge and understanding of these important issues.


Women, Family, and Disasters Editorial Team