Law Governance on Cultural Value for Regaining Bandar Senapelan Image as Kampung Melayu: A Review


Mail Rika Cherish(1)
Mail Amanda Rosetia(2*)

(1) Universitas Ekasakti, Indonesia
(2) Universitas Internasional Batam, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author
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The rapid development in a space of urban and economic changing shows a big gap in cultural value preservation. Bandar Senapelan with its cultural value consist of both urban and industrial development for Pekanbaru city has its potential to promote a wide range of diversities in occurance and growth of the capital. The history, landscape, even commercial, laid on the land called Bandar Senapelan. Due to its strategic location, attached to Siak River, the district has widely known for its initial born for Pekanbaru city history, diversity in multi ethnic community, and the trade centre for Central Sumatera’s rapid economic growth. The district’s potential and background was to encroaching and humiliating to be ignored. The city regional plan or (RTRW) statute by the government has not mention in detail the necessity of Bandar Senapelan to be a protected cultural site which should be preserve and conserve. There are several article written by law that confusing and need to be re-review. The image of the district as people has known it as Kampung Melayu slowly threatened. This paper will analyse the level of awareness with regard to cultural landscape conservation and protection in Pekanbaru policy from Pekanbaru RTRW statute. The research methodology will be done with qualitative analysis and descriptive method from relevant theory and studies. Both tangible and intangible identification will be reviewed to achieve the worthwile protection for the region to be conducted.


RTRW, bandar senapelan, cultural value, cultural landscape, urban heritage

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31101/juara.v6i1.2800

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