International Journal of Health Science and Technology

Journal Title: International Journal of Health Science and Technology
ISSN: 2685-8673 (On-Line)
DOI Prefix: Prefix 10.31101 by Crossref logo
Editor in Chief: Ika Afifah Nugraheni
Publisher: LPPM Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta
Frequency: 3 issues per year
Citation Analysis: Google Scholar

International Journal of Health Science and Technology published since July 2019 with ISSN Online: 2685-8673 by LPPM Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. IJHST Published third a year in January, July and November. This journal contains research papers as results of research which have already been reviewed by reviewers in the field of health, science and technology.

Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. Then, the articles will be sent to peer reviewers and will go to the next selection by Blind Review Process. After that, the articles will be returned to the authors to revise. These processes take a month for a maximum time. For each manuscript, peer reviewers will rate the substantial and technical aspects, peer reviewers who collaborate with International Journal of Health Science and Technology.

  • Health
  • Science
  • Thechnology

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Vol 4, No 1 (2022): Juli

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Ririn Wahyu Hidayati, (Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, )

Abstract views : 55

Iin Setiawati, (STIKES Ngudia Husada Madura, )

Abstract views : 65

Endang Koni Suryaningsih, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Fenny Nur Alvianty, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Wantonoro Wantonoro, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Abstract views : 3

Masrina Munawarah Tampubulon, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)
Hafni Nur Insan, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)
Natar fitri Napitupulu, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)
Sakinah Yusro Pohan, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)
Rini Amalia Batubara, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)
Cory Linda Futri, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, )
eki Maryo Harahap, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, )
Arinil Hidayah, (Universitas Aufa Royhan, Indonesia)

Abstract views : 61

Abdul Rahman, (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)
Endang Sutisna Sulaeman, (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)
Fresthy Astrika Yunita, (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)
Hardiningsih Hardiningsih, (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)
Okta Hadi Nurcahyono, (Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)

Abstract views : 74

AFIFAH NURUL FALIH, (Biotechnology Aisyiyah University, )
NOSA SEPTIANA ANINDITA, (Biotechnology Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
ARIF BIMANTARA, (Biotechnology Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, )
ANNISA KHUMAIRA, (Biotechnology Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta, )

Abstract views : 28

Meidia Wahyuni, (Universitas Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
Herniwanti Herniwanti, (Universitas Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
Ahmad Satria Efendi, (Universitas Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
Endang Purnawati Rahayu, (Universitas Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, Indonesia)
Asril Asril, (Universitas Hang Tuah Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

Abstract views : 35

Tri Hapsari listyaningrum, (unisa yogyakarta, )

Abstract views : 8

Nurul Kurniati, (Faculty of Health Sciences, 'Aisyiyah University , West Ringroad 63 Jalan Mlangi Nogotirto Gamping Sleman 55292, Yogyakarta, )

Abstract views : 16

Inggriane Puspita Dewi, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Bandung, Indonesia)
Wida Ningsih, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Bandung, Indonesia)
Hayinah Rahayu, (Universitas 'Aisyiyah Bandung, )

Abstract views : 19

Ima Kristina Yulita, (Universitas Sanata Dharma, Indonesia)
Florentina Kusyanti, (Universitas Respati, Indonesia)

10.31101/ijhst.v4i1.2508| Abstract views : 88